With three studios: West 72nd Street, NYC, Glen Ridge, NJ and Blairstown, NJ, there are a lot of Bolshoi Music Studio singers and great public speakers out there today!

If you’re serious about an Opera, Broadway, Pop or Cabaret career, or Public Speaking, you’ve come to the right place.  If you’re a beginner and have never sung, but wish to, you are also in the right place.

I have been teaching vocal technique for singers for 15 years.  Technique is required for any style of singing, to keep the body connected and the throat free.  If you’re a Broadway singer, you will learn to belt healthfully, and get coached on your acting.  If you’re an Opera or Oratorio singer, you will learn proper classical technique, and get coached on your acting and languages (Italian, German, French, Greek, Spanish or Czech).  You will be taught invaluable information on how to audition in Europe, from your clothes to what is appropriate to say to a GMD, to how to conduct yourself on your first contract, and more.

You will be given many tools to choose from, through vocalise, physical exercises, and equipment that will allow you to access your body and breath.  The studio has singers of every kind of music, beginner to advanced; Hip-Hop, Opera, Oratorio, Blues, Broadway, Rock, Pop and Broadway.  (See “Student Successes” page.)  

If you are  new to singing and have always wanted to, you can.  Most people have a completely wrong idea about what singing is.  With some easily understandable exercises, you can begin to breathe, which will build a foundation for your voice.  There is a vast online music library of songs, arias, Italian art songs and German lieder.  All students are connected to the library when they begin working in the studio. 

I have been teaching public speaking for more than 20 years.  Public speaking is usually the first thing on everyone’s list of things they hate to do, but what happens when you have to read the eulogy at Aunt Gussie’s funeral? Or make a presentation at work? Do you feel terrified? Stammer? Say, “Um, er” constantly? Hate the sound of your own voice? Just a couple of lessons will give you buckets of confidence and skills to draw from every time. And long term work will make you so comfortable you will actually want to do it, such as a psychologist who came to Ms. Bolshoi unable to give a speech and then went on to teach psychology courses as a professor at Ramapo College. 

Come audit a class or private lesson and let’s get started!