If you’re serious about a Broadway or Operatic career, you’ve come to the right place.  Technique is required for any style of singing, to keep the body connected and the throat free.  If you’re a Broadway singer, I’ll teach you to belt healthfully, and I’ll coach your acting.  If you’re an Opera or Oratorio singer, I will teach you proper classical technique, coach your languages (Italian, German, French or Czech) and will also coach your acting.  

I’m a big “tools” person, and I’ll give you many tools to choose from, through vocalise, physical exercises, and equipment that will allow you to access your body and breath. I have students who sing nearly every kind of music, beginner to advanced; Hip-Hop, Opera, Oratorio, Blues, Broadway, Rock, Pop and Broadway.  (See “Student Successes” page.)  If you’re new to singing and have always wanted to sing, I believe you can.  I have yet to meet a person who truly cannot sing.  Most people have a completely wrong idea about what singing is.  With some easily understandable exercises, you can begin to breathe better, which will build a foundation for your voice.