Classes & Private Lessons



I prefer to teach singers in a class. It is my philosophy that singers, children or adults learn the most from watching other singers’ bodies as they receive information. There is no way to intellectualize singing; you can think about it all you want and you will not improve! To move forward you must sing and watch singers who know how to breathe properly, or who are learning to, as you are.

Classes will run in 10-12 week sessions with the last class being a concert performance. There is a written commitment stating the singer’s responsibility for payment of all classes in the session. Call and find out where we are in a semester, audit a class, and decide whether you’d like to wait for the new session or begin work with me privately. A wonderful pianist accompanies all classes.

Classes will run for three hours on weeknights for adults and teens and for two hours on afternoons for children. The structure of the class is: The first half hour is vocalise and physical exercises, followed by individual work. I work with each singer individually while the rest of the class either participates or actively looks on.


Private Lessons

There is a lot of bodywork to move through at the beginning of the journey to building a proper and healthy technique. Private lessons enable me to zero in for a longer period on particular issues with the body and breath of a singer, and the more I know about what’s going on with you, the more I can help your body and breath move. Lessons can be taught with or without a pianist, depending on the current goals.